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Music for Anytime


We are a unique Internet portal with a musician database of all genres for any occasion!

Are you a musician and want to play more, or even expand your clientele?

Are you looking for a musician for your wedding, a party or a club?


Musicians of the Month

Žánrové obrázky / Hudebnici Mesice 01


Choose your music for any social event according to your taste, references, music genre, and also according to your budget and preferences. Sign up to our portal, fill in general information and start searching. Not only is music, it provides the best memories which are unforgettable.


  • Dance ball
  • Celebration
  • Party





Are you organizing a preview? A concert? Or promotions? Do you miss any musician? Your problem can be easily solved! Register with us and find a musician who you need!


  • Concert
  • Festival
  • Exhibition
  • Opening
  • Inauguration
  • Dance ball
  • Baptism
  • Christening


Looking for a musician for your wedding? Someone to accompany you to the altar with music? Or someone who will fulfill the dancing part of the evening? We will be honored if you choose Music for Anytime! Sign up and start searching in our databases. Enhance and enrich your most beautiful day of your life with music of your choice!


  • Wedding music during a ceremony
  • Wedding music festival
  • DJ


Is an event such as christening or engagement happening in your life? Looking for an appropriate musician to an important occasion such as a sports event? You can choose from many talented and hardworking musicians not only from the Czech Republic.


  • Promotions
  • Clubs
  • Sports events
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Various celebration

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